Double Trouble: Antitrust & Misrepresentation
12-06-2016 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Atlantic City Convention Center - Room: 302
Speakers: Roseann Farrow

For licensed salespersons and brokers, the business of real estate holds many risks. We have laws, rules and regulations to follow. And because we are “licensed to practice,” the bar is held higher for us than for the average real estate consumer. Of all the legal pitfalls that licensees encounter, perhaps the two most litigious areas are those of Antitrust and Misrepresentation. This program will allow brokers and agents to face their sensibilities about antitrust and misrepresentation red flags, anticipate complexities, prepare scripts to effectively answer questions and better handle various situations that could otherwise lead to humiliation, severe penalties, loss of license and even prison terms.

Continuing Education:
  • New Jersey Real Estate - 3 Core Credits
  • New York Real Estate - 3 Credits
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate - 3 Credits