FHA’s New Appraiser’s Handbook: Learn It, Know It, Save Your Sale
12-06-2016 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Atlantic City Convention Center - Room: 301
Speakers: Michelle Bradley

HUD has revised and updated the manual that appraisers must utilize when completing appraisals on homes for FHA insured mortgages. This course will give both appraisers and real estate licensees the opportunity to learn about the new 4000.1 Handbook that is mandatory for all appraisals conducted for HUD. Class discussion will include changes and misconceptions relating to common repair items and what issues must be disclosed to the lender. Understanding the scope of work necessary for completing appraisals for FHA insurance will lessen liability to appraisers and learning about the updates will help REALTORS have fewer surprises while navigating to the closing table.

Continuing Education:
  • New Jersey Real Estate - 3 Elective Credits
  • New York Real Estate - 3 Credits
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate - 3 Credits
  • New Jersey Appraisal - 3 Credits
  • New York Appraisal - 3 Credits
  • Pennsylvania Appraisal - 3 Credits
Session Attachments:
Professional Development