ADVANCE Conference

In this Triple Play opening session, you’ll get insights from leading experts on how to advance: your value; your business; your resources; and your diversity! Don’t miss this enlightening session designed to set you up for success in the new year.

Jed Carlson – Advance Your Value

“I found the house, I got my own mortgage, I did the school research, so why do I need you and why should I pay you a commission?” Most real estate agents have undoubtedly heard some version of this question. So, what do you say? Learn how to work with technology instead of against it, and uncover the key to offering value in a disrupted industry!


Sherry Chris – Advance Your Business

In this inspiring session, you’ll take a look at how the future of real estate is impacting brokers’ businesses today. The discussion will span the consumer point-of-view, critical applications of consumer data, and the importance of creating a value proposition beyond the transaction into the arenas of service, community and ongoing relationships. You’ll see how core values are the necessary underpinnings of success in today’s dynamic market!


Steve Pacinelli – Advance Your Resources

Time and money. To run a successful business, you need to optimize both. In this concise talk, you’ll learn to save time and money as you evaluate and select new technology – and actually get results from it. Also, how to get better replies to the emails and text messages you send every day. And, above all, how to capitalize on the very best resource you have… but may be overlooking.


Terry Watson – Advance Your Diversity

Often well-meaning agents unknowingly and unwillingly disrespect or insult other diverse cultures, to their financial detriment. The latest diversity statistics are in and they are jaw dropping. The U.S. is now more diverse than it has ever been, and that trend is accelerating. In this session, you will discover tools, resources and ideas that will turn your diverse clients into raving fans, with big mouths!


Session Details
Special Event
  • Date
    Monday, December 4, 2017
  • Time
    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Room