2018 Convention Session

How to Finance a Purchase Using FHA/VA/Conforming Loans

12-05-2018 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

NJRE - 3 Elective
NYRE - 3 Credits
PARE - 3 Credits

Robert Tuzzo

Room 404

With so many loan choices it is easy to become overwhelmed. Do your clients go with an FHA loan, VA loan, or a conforming loan? Many people get paralysis of analysis when confronted with so many options, especially when those choices are not fully understood.This session will train the real estate professional about the important differences between these popular but misunderstood loan programs including FHA, VA, Conforming (FNMA, FHLMC) and construction loans.

Generally speaking, FHA loans have been looked upon as loans for second class borrowers where in reality these loans have helped hard working Americans fulfill their dream of owning their own home. In addition, this class will also teach the agent the history of why FHA, VA and the secondary markets were created. They will be shocked to learn how much the FHA and VA programs have benefited the American homeowners as well as the American economy since the Great depression. Rather than focusing on JUST the loan product, the agent will come away with a new and fuller understanding of the entire process. This class will help demystify the process of these fantastic loans.

Continuing Education
  • New Jersey Real Estate - 3 Elective Credits
  • New York Real Estate - 3 Credits
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate - 3 Credits