2018 Convention Session

Post, Tweet or Chat! Managing Risk in Communication & Advertising

12-05-2018 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

NJRE - 3 Core
NYRE - 3 Credits
PARE - 3 Credits

As our real estate world becomes more Virtual and less Bricks & Mortar how do we apply the laws regulations and ethics to our Virtual Office? This session will provide the knowledge, skills and tools to manage your communication, advertising and social media in a legal, ethical and successful manner. This class is ideal for brokers and mangers but also great for the agent on the street or should we say, “in the cloud”. Repeated Wednesday, 1-4pm.

Continuing Education
  • New Jersey Real Estate - 3 Core Credits
  • New York Real Estate - 3 Credits
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate - 3 Credits
Session Handouts