The current 2023 Term began on July 1, 2021 and will end on June 30, 2023. All CE Credits are required to be completed by April 30, 2023, if you complete the requirement after this date a $200.00 late fee will be assessed to your license renewal. All credits completed at this year’s convention will be posted to the 2023 CE Term, should you require your credits to be posted to a previous term (e.g. inactive/referral agents), please email your request to

Requirement for Actively Licensed Agents (Salesperson, Broker-Salesperson, Broker)

  • A total of 12 Continuing Education (CE) Credits
  • 6 of the total 12 CE Credits must be in the Core Topic Area
  • 2 of the 6 Core CE Credits must be in the Ethics Topic Area
  • 1 of the 6 Core CE Credits must be in the Fair Housing Topic Area
  • The remaining 6 CE Credits can be taken in Core, Ethics, Fair Housing or Elective Topic Areas

Below are listings of sessions that are approved for New Jersey continuing education. Looking for more? You can view the full session schedule and for agent’s licensed in multiple states you can filter to sessions approved in multiple categories (e.g. NJ & NY, NJ & PA or all three)

New Jersey Appraisal

Estimate, Adjust and DefendMelanie McLane12/06/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3183 CreditsIncluded
Bias in AppraisalsMelanie McLane12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3183 CreditsIncluded
2022-2023 USPAP UpdateJim Murrett12/07/20228:30 AM4:30 PM3187 Credits$250.00
AVMs: Fact or Fiction?Melanie McLane12/07/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3123 CreditsIncluded

New Jersey Real Estate

AHWD: At Home With DiversityKimberly Allard12/05/20228:30 AM4:30 PM4211 Fair Housing
5 Core
CCIM: Residential Real Estate Financial AnalysisBill Overman12/05/20228:30 AM4:30 PM4017 Elective$195.00
HFR: Home Finance ResourceGrant Simon12/05/20228:30 AM4:30 PM408/4096 Elective$195.00
RRC/CRS: CRS121-Win-Win Negotiation TechniquesMonica Neubauer12/05/20228:30 AM4:30 PM4158 Elective$195.00
Environmental Issues (Lead, Tanks, Mold)David Sulock12/05/202212:00 PM3:00 PM308/3093 ElectiveIncluded
The Way HomePaula Monthofer12/05/202212:00 PM3:00 PM3023 EthicsIncluded
22 Financing Ideas to Assist your Client in Purchasing their Dream HomeMatthew Hemphill12/05/20221:00 PM3:00 PM3112 ElectiveIncluded
Issues That Keep CEOs Up at NightAdorna Carroll12/06/20229:00 AM11:00 AM3222 CoreIncluded
Mortgage Financing 101Matthew Hemphill12/06/20229:00 AM12:00 PM4043 ElectiveIncluded
Multiple Offer Strategies that Work! Helping Buyers and Sellers Navigate this MarketMonica Neubauer12/06/20229:00 AM12:00 PM4023 CoreIncluded
The Way HomePaula Monthofer12/06/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3023 EthicsIncluded
What’s Mine is Mine! Understanding Procuring Cause in Real EstateFrederick Buehler12/06/20229:00 AM12:00 PM408/4093 EthicsIncluded
Cyber Social Identity (CSI) Protection: Agent/Client Cyber Social Identity and Personal ProtectionRobert Siciliano12/06/20229:30 AM12:30 PM3043 ElectiveIncluded
NJLAD: Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance for HousingAnna Janda12/06/202210:00 AM11:00 AM4031 Fair HousingIncluded
Can the Buyer’s Agent Do That?Brittany Matott12/06/202210:00 AM12:00 PM201/2022 CoreIncluded
Cyber Social Identity (CSI) Protection: Agent/Client Cyber Social Identity and Personal ProtectionRobert Siciliano12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3043 ElectiveIncluded
Disruption and Changing Markets: 8 Things We Can and Cannot ControlCheryl Knowlton12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3031 ElectiveIncluded
Increasing Home Wealth Using Renovation FinancingMatthew Hemphill12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM4043 ElectiveIncluded
Pricing in a Shifting MarketMonica Neubauer12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM4023 ElectiveIncluded
Riding the Roller Coaster of Market Stats & Numbers
Grant Simon12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM4013 ElectiveIncluded
Selling Fixer Uppers Using 203(k) LoansDouglas Vairo12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3133 ElectiveIncluded
Under all is the LandLeigh York12/06/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3023 EthicsIncluded
NJLAD: Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance for HousingAnna Janda12/06/20222:30 PM3:30 PM4031 Fair HousingIncluded
Can the Seller’s Agent Do That?Brittany Matott12/06/20222:30 PM4:30 PM201/2022 CoreIncluded
2022-2023 USPAP UpdateJim Murrett12/07/20228:30 AM4:30 PM3187 Elective$250.00
Appraisals-How Values are DeterminedDouglas Vairo12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3133 ElectiveIncluded
Be Careful Out ThereMelanie McLane12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3013 CoreIncluded
Deeds, Surveys and Land UseBrittany Matott12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3042 CoreIncluded
Priority Pricing … Are Your Properties Positioned to Sell?Pam Ermen12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM4023 ElectiveIncluded
Real World Application of 1031 Exchanges – The Basics and BeyondDavid Gorenberg12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM4043 ElectiveIncluded
Unlocking the Secrets of the Code: A Deep Dive Into the REALTOR COECheryl Knowlton12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3023 EthicsIncluded
Well, That Escalated Quickly… Recent Lessons for Real Estate PractitionersTrista Curzydlo12/07/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3033 CoreIncluded
RPR Works Everywhere— Just Like YouVeronica L. McManus12/07/20229:30 AM11:30 AM4152 ElectiveIncluded
Market Like a Rockstar: Top Trends for 2023 and BeyondCraig Grant12/07/20229:30 AM12:30 PM201/2023 ElectiveIncluded
NJ Legal UpdateBarry Goodman12/07/202210:00 AM11:00 AM3121 CoreIncluded
The RPR CMA-Your Spot on Pricing Tool!Veronica L. McManus12/07/20222:00 PM4:00 PM4152 ElectiveIncluded
Unmanaged Bias Limits LeadershipFreddy Garcia12/07/20222:00 PM4:00 PM3152 ElectiveIncluded
AVMs: Fact or Fiction?Melanie McLane12/07/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3123 ElectiveIncluded
Building Science for Real Estate Professionals – How to Read an Energy AssessmentMatt Dean12/07/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3133 ElectiveIncluded
Goat Rodeo: Risk Management Strategies for BrokersCheryl Knowlton12/07/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3013 CoreIncluded
How Making Money in Real Estate Really WorksJoshua Cadillac12/07/20222:00 PM5:00 PM4033 ElectiveIncluded
Well, That Escalated Quickly… Recent Lessons for Real Estate PractitionersTrista Curzydlo12/07/20222:00 PM5:00 PM3033 CoreIncluded
Agency Roles, Goals, and HolesRandy Templeman12/07/20222:30 PM4:30 PM4022 CoreIncluded
REALTOR® SafetyBrittany Matott12/07/20223:00 PM5:00 PM3041 CoreIncluded
Selling Estate PropertySherman Toppin12/07/20224:00 PM5:00 PM4041 CoreIncluded
Environmental Issues (Lead, Tanks, Mold)David Sulock12/08/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3013 ElectiveIncluded
Get the Hack Out of Here! Cybersecurity 101 for Real EstateCraig Grant12/08/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3123 ElectiveIncluded
Priority Pricing … Are Your Properties Positioned to Sell?Pam Ermen12/08/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3033 ElectiveIncluded
The Code: The Road to What is OwedRandy Templeman12/08/20229:00 AM12:00 PM3023 EthicsIncluded
Unlock, Unite & Assist: Closing the Gap on Racial DisparityLaurie Benner12/08/202210:00 AM12:00 PM3041 ElectiveIncluded
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