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New Jersey Appraisal

2022-2023 USPAP UpdateJoseph Palumbo12/08/20218:30 AM5:00 PM3187 Credits$250.00

New Jersey Real Estate

Pricing Strategies Advisor (PSA): Mastering the CMAKimberly Allard12/06/20218:30 AM5:00 PM4016 Elective$195.00
SFR: Short Sales and Foreclosure ResourceRobert Morris12/06/20218:30 AM5:00 PM4176 Elective$195.00
Expand Your Global OutreachNeal Oates12/06/20211:00 PM3:00 PM3112 ElectiveIncluded
1031 Exchanges: Diving Deeper and Spearfishing for More ClientsDavid Gorenberg12/07/20219:00 AM12:00 PM4173 ElectiveIncluded
Creating the Win: New Approaches to Negotiation StrategyMaura Neill12/07/20219:00 AM12:00 PM4043 ElectiveIncluded
Seeing Double! Making The Most of a Multiple Offer MarketPam Ermen12/07/20219:00 AM12:00 PM3033 ElectiveIncluded
Setting the Stage for Buyer SuccessMonica Neubauer12/07/20219:30 AM12:30 PM3043 ElectiveIncluded
New Millennium Brokerage ManagementJeremias Maneiro12/07/202110:00 AM12:00 PM3012 ElectiveIncluded
Appraisals in an Overheated MarketMelanie McLane12/07/20212:00 PM5:00 PM3183 ElectiveIncluded
Risky Business: Risk Management Strategies for Today’s Real Estate ProfessionalsCheryl Knowlton12/07/20212:00 PM5:00 PM201/2023 CoreIncluded
Seeing Double! Making The Most of a Multiple Offer MarketPam Ermen12/07/20212:00 PM5:00 PM3033 ElectiveIncluded
2022-2023 USPAP UpdateJoseph Palumbo12/08/20218:30 AM5:00 PM3187 Elective$250.00
Up in Smoke: Cannabis and Real EstateTrista Curzydlo12/08/20219:00 AM11:00 AM3032 CoreIncluded
Get the Hack Out of Here: Cybersecurity for Real EstateCraig Grant12/08/20219:30 AM12:30 PM4023 ElectiveIncluded
Grow Your Business by Working With Real Estate InvestorsMarc Cunningham12/08/20219:30 AM12:30 PM4013 ElectiveIncluded
NJ Legal and Regulatory UpdateBarry Goodman12/08/202110:30 AM12:30 PM3122 CoreIncluded
Real Estate KarmaTrista Curzydlo12/08/202112:00 PM1:00 PM3031 CoreIncluded
Credit Scoring: Save Your Buyers ThousandsBrent Lancaster12/08/20212:00 PM4:00 PM3112 ElectiveIncluded
Appraisals in an Overheated MarketMelanie McLane12/08/20212:00 PM5:00 PM4033 ElectiveIncluded
How the Primary and Secondary Mortgage Markets Work TogetherDoug Vairo12/09/20219:00 AM12:00 PM3043 ElectiveIncluded
Let’s Talk Flooding and RecoveryBrent Lancaster12/09/20219:30 AM11:30 AM3122 ElectiveIncluded
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