Safety Tips

hotel security
  • As gambling is a regulated industry in the State of New Jersey, the Casino Control Commission requires that the person whose name is on the original hotel reservation must be the person checking into the casino hotel. Identification documents will be required – the Office of Homeland Security & the NJ State Casino Control Commission requires strict identification procedures upon Check-In at the Front Desk.
    (Your social security number will not be needed)
  • When arriving in your room, check entry door lock functions, as well as the security bolt lock action.
  • Check all areas of your room (bath, closet, etc.) before letting the bellman go.
  • Review the information and maps posted on the inside of your guest room door and familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency exits.
  • Always use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry. If a person claims to be a hotel employee, call the front desk and ask if someone is supposed to have access to your room.
  • Report any lost or stolen items to hotel management and to the police.
  • Never leave money, checks, credit cards, jewelry, laptops or other valuables in your room. Take valuables with you or store them in the hotel safety deposit box or in-room safe.
  • If you have lost your hotel room key, ask a security guard to escort you to your room.
  • Memorize your room number instead of keeping it with your room key.
  • Always use the dead bolt lock when you’re in your room.
  • When using valet parking, only give the attendant your car key and do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended when checking in.
  • Do not leave room keys laying around the gym, swimming pool or lounge areas.
at the convention center
  • The Convention Center maintains an extensive in-house security operation. Admission to all Triple Play activities and education sessions, including entrance to the trade expo, education sessions, Opening Night Icebreaker Reception, YPN Party and social functions are by BADGE ONLY and badges should be worn at all times.
on the street
  • Try not to go out by yourself after dark. If you have to go in or out of the hotel late at night, use the main entrance.
  • Never walk alone, especially after dark. If possible, travel in groups.
  • Remember to remove your name badge once out of the Convention Center.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Stay in public areas of the Convention Center or hotels. Stay close to groups of people.
  • Dress appropriately. Try to avoid flashy clothes, jewelry or furs that might attract attention.
  • Never display large amounts of cash when making purchases. Use traveler’s checks or credit cards for major purchases.
  • Ask for directions at the hotel. Don’t hold a street map in public.
  • Take a taxi or between hotel s after dark.
  • Walk “smart” when you leave the Convention Center or your hotel. Know your destination and the best way to get there.
  • Always use designated cross walks.
  • Be cautious of solicitors.
in the casino
  • Be aware of how much alcohol you consume. Becoming intoxicated can make you an easy target.
  • Carry wallets, purses and bags securely. Do not leave purses on chairs, under tables or on restroom hooks.
  • Only use automatic tellers in areas that are well-lit. Don’t count your money in the open.
  • Report any suspicious situations or people to a security officer or a staff person.
  • Carry traveler’s checks instead of large amounts of cash. Do not countersign all your traveler’s checks.
  • Write down your credit card numbers as well as the customer service number for the issuing banks, keep this information in a safe place.
public transit
  • Have the current trolley or jitney schedule. Trolley schedule is available in the convention program and website and jitney schedules can usually be obtained from the hotel concierge or front desk.
  • Know when the last scheduled pick-ups are. The last convention shuttles depart the Convention Center at 6:00 p.m. on Monday evening, 7:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Thursday at 1:00pm.
  • Always make sure the taxi driver starts the meter; never pay more than the meter amount. Gratuities are acceptable.
vehicle security
  • Do not advertise you are a visitor. Place convention materials, maps, travel brochures and valuables in the glove compartment or trunk before you get to your destination.
  • Check the back seat before getting into your car.
  • Always lock your car.
  • Park in designated parking garages or in busy areas with plenty of lighting.
  • Remember to lock the doors and roll up the windows. Do not leave keys in your car.
  • Remove all personal items when parking your vehicle overnight.
homeless citizens
  • Every major city in the world has a homeless population. We suggest using a combination of caution and respect around panhandlers and other strangers.
  • You may also want to consider a donation to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.
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