Rich Levin

Rich Levin

Rapidly increasing the income of Real Estate Agents, that is the focus of Rich Levin’s work. That is his focus, his passion, and his expertise for over nearly two decades.

After quickly finding success as a Real Estate Agent. Rich bought his first Real Estate office. Then as Broker, Rich was fanatical about coaching his Agents to raise their income to levels that significantly improved their lifestyle. He loves to see people win big and quickly.

He soon realized that one way of doing business didn’t work for everyone. Over the years he developed the ability to recognize the unique way to coach each Agent to succeed. He identified which skills were universal and necessary for all Agents. He discovered the weaknesses that are most common; and the simplest way to solve those weaknesses. One of the keys to the success of his Agents is his proprietary method for planning that keeps his Agents motivated and focused every day.

He is able to quickly coach the Agents to maximize their individual strengths and solve their weaknesses. That has led him to find the ways that work best for each Agent to market, prospect, plan, and follow through without pain, frustration, and burnout. Rich then coaches the Agents to achieve tremendous success with greater comfort and ease than they ever imagined was possible. The vast majority of his Agents increase their income by large margins year after year.

Rich is invited to speak to Real Estate offices, State conventions, and NAR events where he shares his systems and coaching methods. He continues to work closely with Agents one-on-one and in small groups every day. So that he stays on top of the current market, trends, tools, and challenges that Agents are facing.
Rich Levin delights in taking average Agents and make them exceptional.

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    Rich Levin
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    Master Coach & Founder of Real Estate Grad School LLC
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